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Adrienne Emerson

Adrienne began her FIRST® Robotics Competition career in Rochester, NY with Team 191 X-Cats. She stayed in upstate New York to mentor 229 Division-by-Zero while attending Clarkson. Since then she has made a career out of educational robotics, working as the Director of Robotics Education with Greenville ISD and mentoring 148 Robowranglers in Texas.

Clinton Bolinger

Clinton first competed with Team 688 out of Flint, MI in 2001, and rejoined them as a mentor in 2002. After several years off, he returned to the FIRST Robotics Competition community to mentor Team 1243 Dragons for the 2007 season before co-founding 2337 EngiNERDs with Brandi Bolinger in 2008. Clinton is also the Founder and President of The Robot Space, a robotics parts distributor based in Lapeer, MI.

Evan Morrison

Evan was introduced to FIRST Robotics Competition as a junior on Team 971 Spartan Robotics in 2005, and hasn't stopped. Since then he has mentored Teams 190, 1983 and most recently founded 2016 Rookie team 5803 Apex Robotics. Evan currently works as a Propulsion Analysis engineer with Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
A diverse skill-set

Francis O'Rourke

Francis participated in FIRST as a high school student from 2003 to 2006 on Team 134 from Pembroke, NH and Team 40 from Manchester, NH. He began mentoring Team 190 from Worcester, MA in 2006, and has been with them since. Francis works as a Technical Writer, specializing in robotics and manufacturing documentation at Symbotic.

Mason Markee

Mason has spent his entire 13 year FIRST Robotics Competition career with one team: 118 Robonauts from League City, Texas. Starting as a student in high school, he returned to mentor in college, taking over as drive coach and helping his team capture their first World Championship title in 2015. Mason recently moved to Seattle, WA to take a job as a Mechanical Designer for Pensar Development.

Matt Starke

Matt joins RSN as the mastermind and Editor-in-Chief of what is now the TBA Blog. Following his start with Team 340, G.R.R. of Churchville, NY in 2003, he went on to become a harbinger of the robotic revolution as a Technology Education Teacher in the Liverpool Central School District. Matt gets his robot fix by serving as the one of the lead advisors for FIRST Robotics Competition Team 174, the Arctic Warriors of Liverpool, NY.
Experience you can trust

Nick Lawrence

The resident canuck, Nick has experience with many FIRST Robotics Competition teams on both sides of the border. Probably best known as the driver behind 1503 Spartronics' incredible run in 2011, Nick now works as a Mechanical Systems Designer at AndyMark and is a mentor of Team 3940, CyberTooth.

Ruth Toomey

As a high school senior in 2006, Ruth joined FIRST Robotics Competition as a member and team captain of then-rookie Team 1735, The Green Reapers in Worcester, MA. She mentored Team 190 in 2007, then rejoined 1735 as a mentor for two seasons. In 2010, she moved to volunteering as a Lead Queuer in New England until returning to mentoring in 2016. She currently mentors Team 319 Big Bad Bob. Ruth has extensive experience in business, marketing, and analytics, and currently works as a Customer Service Analyst for Park Place Technologies.

Steph Morrison

Stephanie started FIRST Robotics Competition in 2008 as a founding student member of Team 1983, Skunk Works Robotics. She mentored Team 190 in college while earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After returning to Seattle, she mentored 1983 for the 2013 and 2014 seasons before moving to Team 1318 IRS in 2015. She currently works as the Coach and Lead Mentor of Apex Robotics Team 5803 out of Seattle Christian Schools.

Ty Tremblay

Ty joined Team 319 in 2004 as a freshman in high school. Through FIRST, he learned of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and their Robotics Engineering program. While at WPI from 2008 to 2011 he was a mentor on Team 190, where he was elected Director of Operations in 2009. After graduating with a MS in Robotics Engineering, Ty is now the lead technical mentor for his high school team, 319 Big Bad Bob out of Alton, NH while working as a Senior Controls Engineer at Symbotic.

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