Behind The Lines

Behind The Lines

Behind the Lines is a collaboration between FIRSTĀ® and RoboSports Network. The purpose of this series is to make key knowledge and resources available to the community through an engaging hour-long show. The first half of the show is a presentation or round table discussion by the invited experts, followed by a Q & A session on the topic. Each Behind The Lines episode is hosted by members of RSN.

Behind The Lines has concluded its third season, where we discussed how to improve your team year over year, how to become and advance as a volunteer, what we can do to foster equality in FIRST, how to make educated drivetrain selections, FIRST Choice and the Virtual Kit, and a ground up look at controls systems.

We would like to extend a thank you to the guests who have joined us this season for taking the time to help create these educational and informative presentations, which will help the FIRST community to continue to thrive year after year.

Season 4 is scheduled to return in the Fall of 2017.

Live Broadcasts

You can watch Behind The Lines live on the RSN Twitch or YouTube Channel. Recordings from the current and previous seasons can be viewed in the FIRSTĀ® Robotics Competition Resource Library.

Viewers are encouraged to participate in the live show Q&A by submitting questions during the presentations. To Submit a Question to Behind the Lines: In advance: During the broadcast: Use the chat function or Tweet @FRCGameSense with #FRCBTL

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